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Keropok Lekor – Fish Sausage

Posted in Merry Meals by dR with tags , , , , , on October 30, 2008 by dorinranee

I did it! I finally made keropok lekor – after weeks of ferrying the flour and the can of fish from my place to JC’s and back again; always procrastinating making it! It’s not as chewy as it should be because I substituted sago flour with potato flour. But it was crunchy, tasty and definitely addictive… with good ol chilli sauce.  🙂

Rolling it about...
Rolling it about…

Yea! All things are possible. I used one cup of potato flour, one can of sardine fish in oil, salt, msg (ajinomoto) and lots of white pepper. Mix it together and add a little water. Roll it into little cocktail sausages. Boil them till they float. Then wait to cool it off before deep frying it. That’s all to it folks!

Ahhh... *crunch* * crunch*

Ahhh... *crunch* * crunch*

Photos taken with JC’s camera phone. His camera ran out of battery. Sigh. 😛

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