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Olive on Nuffield St

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It’s a beautiful Thursday and was out and about doing wedding stuffs. Checked out the Metropolis for the wedding night accomodation just before lunch with Jeff and a family friend Winnie. The room is gorgeousss with a spectacular view of the harbour. I can just imagine getting ready in my wedding dress with the gals already. Sigh. 🙂 I am just so thankful to God for this find because initially we planned to take a suite at Grand Hotel. Much more expensive and the view is…. the rooftop of the Sky City building. Bwahaha.

Anyway, Winnie will be leaving Auckland soon after 9 months of working holiday and I thought it would be nice to take her out for lunch and spend some time with her (she’s a good friend of sis btw). We chose Olive on Nuffield St… just because I had a stack of Entertainment Book vouchers that I tore out from the book itself that offered 2 for 1 main meals and I am determine to try as many before its expiry date June 1.

Considering my bridal diet (yea right!), I chose lamb salad. When it came, I thought it looked like a pile of leaves pulled from the garden. Where did the lamb go??? Ohhh, burried underneath those baby spinach. Aww… I’ve not got many comments about it. Like how do you comment on a salad? Well, it was light and the lamb tasty and I felt that I made the right choice for my bridal diet. @@ But seriously, it looked like a plate of leaves to be served to a giraffe when it arrived… that cost $21.


And here’s what Winnie had; chicken and mushroom risotto. Ok, it had a fancier name than that but I didn’t bother memorising it. Had a taste of it and yea, just the regular risotto. Not very spectacular and I would always recommend Delicious in Grey Lynn for pasta and risotto. Aww.. that brings back some memory. That’s where Jeff and I had our unintended date before we got together. 😀


And here’s one of Winnie… 🙂 Thanks for the great time sista! Wishing you the best in Kuching!




Satya on Sandringham

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Hailstorm and gusty. That was the weather all day for Auckland last Saturday but despite that, the day was fruitful with Eden’s photoshoot. Hungry and cold, JC suggested Satya for dinner. Something spicy to spice up the weather. Hooray! Just the mention of it brings wonderful salivacious memories of Dahi Puri; that’s Satya’s specialty and a must try!

Dahi Puri - An absolute-must-try mouth watering appetizer!

It’s a serving of 6 bite-size crackers with mashed potato and drizzled with yoghurt and some chutney sauce. It’s reaaaaally good and literally melts in your mouth with all that potato and yoghurt… plus all the other different taste from the spices (if you let it sit in your mouth for a while!).
For mains, we had the Gongurra Lamb Curry – medium hot to share. We thought we’d try something different from the norm. It also had a note on the Gongurra Lamb saying it’s only available on certain days. Oooo, must be something about it then!
Gongurra Lamb Curry

Gongurra Lamb Curry

But when Gongurra meets the palate, the sparks weren’t flying. It tasted sour and quite salty for my liking actually. And it’s not even close to spicy. Quite a let down but the lamb was tender though. We also had garlic pratha to dip into the gravy and the pratha is p-u-n-y! Sigh… but it was good! 🙂

Satya South Indian Restaurant – 515 Sandringham Road, Auckland.
Photos by Jeff Chan.