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Durian Mornthong

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God is so good. He created durian. Sigh…

I don’t know how to start on this one. Everything about it just makes me go ‘ohhs’ and ‘ahhhs’. It all started last Monday when Jeff and I wanted to celebrate Merdeka (Malaysia’s 52nd Independance Day) 31st August (so it happened) by making malaysian food that we miss. We had Bahkuteh on Sunday night, Sarawak Laksa on Monday followed by durian and longan after dinner.  *grin* The durian was sooo good we craved for more – and I told Jeff that I will make ‘bubur durian’ (like sweet porridge) for him the next time we get a durian. Today, when I got home from work, my heart leaped when I saw a durian on the kitchen floor. Jeff had went to get us one.

So bubur durian we had for supper. It brought smiles on my face (and heart) and many fond memories of my childhood when mom would cook this and the creamy aroma would fill the whole house. *grin* I couldn’t believe that Jeff had not had this before in his life. So here’s the recipe to share my joy with you.


Bubur Durian

4 to 5 durian pieces with whole seed, 5 tbs of sago, palm sugar and coconut milk to taste and some water. Let it simmer and thicken. Enjoy!



Durian Tarts

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This is the most amazing durian tarts that I’ve tasted in Auckland.

Fantalicious Tarts!

Fantalicious Tarts!

Nice-thin-crisp-flaky pastry with thick-gooey-durian-pumped fillings. It’s close to heavens I tell you. Their egg tarts are fantastic too! JC and I would vote it the best in Auckland!

This one is eggy...

This one is eggy...

JC was going to finish that off but I remembered (in time!) to take a photo. So hence, the half-eaten egg tart.

So you can enjoy these tarts at Crown Restaurant at 12 East Tamaki Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland. They’re open 7 days for yumcha from 10am to 2.30pm and dinner from 5.30pm to 10pm. Service is good. Extraordinary for a chinese restaurant here. The have quite a good range for yumcha. JC and I had the braised chicken feet (yum, it’s limb-lickin’-good) and the normal stuffs like siew mai and ha kao as well. Price is reasonably good too… for the two of us, the bill came up to $23 only and we were stuffed and had some to takeaway as well. I’m going to try the tender beef tendon next time round!

🙂 Oh well, it’s all worth the drive there and a wonderful start for a Saturday morning!