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Merging of Chan-Ranee

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We did it on the 9th May 09. I am now Mrs. Jeffery Chan.

The ceremony was short and sweet. I was aware of everything that was going on around me. There were just so many things I am so grateful for and thanking God on how things just worked out for us and for all the friends and family that helped made it happen. I just want to mention the following as a way to remember the effort that made our day special.

  • Family who traveled the distance from Malaysia to be with us on our special day. Mom and Dad in law, Don & Perli, Gloria and Nicholas and Unc William
  • Mom and Dad in law for helping with the invitation cards and deco. Also for cooking yummy food and taking care of us on the days leading up to the wedding.
  • Mom who did my wedding dress alteration and taking care of bits and pieces
  • My sisters Cindy and Merlin who took charge of hospitality for the reception after church ceremony
  • Annabel for helping me through out my wedding preps and for organizing the BEST EVER Hens do. I was seriously touched…
  • Graeme and Pam Smith – a missionary couple who miraculously could attend the wedding amidst their busy schedule in and out of the country. Graeme gave a wonderful memorable wedding message on the 7 keys to a Happy Marriage.
  • David and Anne Spratt – our marriage counselors who gave their time and warm hospitality sowing into our lives
  • Mark the vicar – our outstanding and very interesting celebrant
  • The wonderful girls Jo, Eunice, Ellys, Sharon, Ching, Siaw Hui, Charlotte, Lily & Rebecca for helping out so much with the food preps, at the ceremony and dinner
  • Jazzy for being the most angelic flowergirl
  • Nicholas for bringing in the rings for us – you did very well that day!
  • Ching and Marcus, Sam and Jo, Tony and Charlotte for ushering and welcoming the guests
  • Min – the wonderful floor manager
  • Sharon and Siaw Hui for taking care of setting up and deco
  • Sam and Aaron for being groomsmen and drivers. Totally appreciate it!
  • Matt and Paul for taking amazing photos for us
  • Tim and Steven for recording our special moments on video
  • Ken and Marcus; the fantastic duos who made the dinner reception flow smoothly. I still remember your jokes Ken. Awesome job.
  • Mr Lo and team at Sunshine restaurant for preparing the wonderful food
  • Edmond Koh – our pastry chef who made us our wedding cake – Croquembouche, a french traditional wedding cake.
  • Charmaine and the awesome quartet that made the ceremony livelier and memorable with the lovely lovely music. Thank you so much!
  • Cindy for taking care of the music
  • Cindy’s in laws and family – who helped prepare and clean up at the ceremony. Thank you!
  • Sophie for the lovely lovely caricature and the photo montage video. Miss you heaps!
  • Alyssa & Natasha for doing my makeup and hair. I look gorgeous thanks to you both.
  • All our guests for witnessing our wedding

Our day closed with a dinner celebration with about 50 of our closest friends and family with lots of toasting (with loud yam-sengs), laughter and reminiscing. Our tables were named ‘LIFE’, ‘Cezanne’, ‘Carpark’, ‘Garage’ and ‘St. Mark’s’ signifying important locations for us in our journey together. It is at LIFE church that we first met, at Cezanne cafe where Jeff asked what I thought about us, at his office carpark when we decided to date each other exclusively, in the garage on our chaise lounge where he got down on his knees to ask me to marry him and finally at St. Mark’s where we became husband and wife. 🙂

So how is married life? I got asked this question a lot. So here’s my answer: It’s super awesome!! It is really wonderful when you know that you married the right man at the right time. Jeff and I had our own confirmation and had God’s peace about marrying each other. There was an issue of fear that I had to deal with on my part – fear of relationship, fear of failing, etc but this was dealt with when I decided to let God be in charge. I stepped aside, took that step of faith into the relationship and never looked back since. Everything and I meant everything (wedding and life plans) just fell into place and intertwined beautifully. I could not have asked or imagined better. So how is married life? It is great. I have been enjoying living together; it really is like living with your best friend. Jeff has brought the best out of me. Married life has also taught me submission. I am still on the road of learning but I have already noticed how easily it is (compared to past relationships) to submit to him as my husband, respecting him and making decisions together.

Jeff and I are looking forward to our KL wedding reception next year – to celebrate with friends and family that could not make it here for the ceremony in New Zealand. We have not set a date yet but it would most probably be in May. We are in the midst of planning it.

That’s all for now for my musings… 🙂



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I had efrijalados (e-free-ha-la-dos) for lunch last Sunday at Ponsonby Foodcourt. I’ve always given the Mexican & Maya stall a miss and go for the usual Malaysian stall. I said to myself I should go for something different and not just stick to the usual. Had a little tongue twisting session while reading the mexican menu outloud before the cook finally came out and asked if I needed some recommendation. That’s how I ended up with efrijalados. 🙂 I enjoyed it and think it’s really healthy too. Didn’t leave me feeling heavy and sluggish.


Voila! You like how it’s presented? It kinda look too busy for food but what the heck, I took it all in. It’s 2 tortilla with mince and topped with bean gravy with salad. Mmm… and helped myself to the salsa to spice it up a little otherwise it can taste quite bland.

HP8 on Newmarket

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If you’re looking for something cheap and to spice up your tastebud, check out this Dan Dan Mian (Dan Dan noodles), a favourite chinese staple food. I think it originated from Sichuan. Anyway, was recommended by a friend that it’s a must try. I was shocked to see that it’s only $4 per bowl! Wow wow! It’s plain looking with a bit of mince pork on it, but I tell you it’s super tasty. It’s got a strong garlic-y taste and almost overpowering; like a wasabi (mustard) effect up your nose. I would definitely have this when I feel a cold coming. 🙂 As they say, garlic is the best natural food to keep you away from cold. We also ordered some dumpling but unfortunately it took ages for it to arrived so after half an hour of waiting we left… with garlic breath. 🙂



*Waiting for the dumplings to arrive…*

Iguacu on Parnell

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I was really looking forward to dinner at Iguacu. Known and read about the numerous awards won for their dishes and hospitality. When Mom and Jim said they will take me out for dinner as my birthday treat, I jumped at the opportunity to dine at Iguacu.

dscn0877This was last Friday, 27 Feb when I turned…the new 20! Ahem ahem. Anyway, back to Iguacu, we had the porkbelly and the award-winning lamb rump. Funny thing, Jim and mom had the same thing as Jeff and I. To share, we had the kokoda fish (raw fish in coconut and lime juice) and crumbed Japanese scallops for entree and juicy portobello mushrooms with feta cheese and steamed veges for sides.

dscn0878 dscn0879

I rated the lamb 7/10. It pretty much did not exceed my expectations but I thought the mashed kumara went really well with it. Perhaps also, I love kumara. Jeff said his porkbelly rated around 6.5/10. It actually tasted quite bland. I reckon the porkbelly we had at Northern Steamship tasted better. Presentation and customer service is definitely tops at Iguacu. According to Jim it is one of the quietest for a Friday night for a place like Iguacu. It used to be packed and you won’t get a table unless you booked. Oh well, it’s quiet everywhere because of the R word. Overall we had a good evening enjoying each other’s company despite the gale and rain outside. 🙂

Read Iguacu’s review on Dineout here.

This is Our God

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As a daily reminder, I thank God for being God. When there’s nothing else that I can say amidst all the happenings in this world, questions that I can’t answer and things that I do not know.

But a few things I know and I believe that God is sovereign and He has a greater purpose in all things, He sees the bigger picture, He knows me (and you) by name, He loves me (and you) and nothing in this world can seperate His love from us.

Nothing can beat that assurance of God’s love and peace. It’s almost tangible at some points in my life. Nothing can beat that miracles of healing that He has done through me and what I have seen with my own eyes. Nothing can beat that joy of having your prayers answered at the time when you most need it.

Nothing can beat that security of my hope in Jesus when all else around me is looking dull and grey.

I don’t know why I’m writing this during my lunch break of writing an important business plan. It could be for a specific reader…or perhaps it could be something that’s in my heart in reflection to what’s happening in this world.

Yes, but I thank God that He is alive and it’s not my imagination.

The Westies’ Birthday

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Barfy & Wira; the precious Westies turned 2 a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a silent movie of the celebration. They even got presents from Unc Peyman! Pig ears to chew on and eucalyptus and tea tree shampoo. *roof roof hoorayyy*

p1030802That’s Wira posing with the shared pressies. He’s the rounder, fluffier looking one and very playful.


Barfy with the cake… *grin* We sometimes call Barfy ‘old man’ – more grumpy, moody and just growls when he’s not in the mood. Otherwise he gives you the most heartwarming welcome with his signature style – by picking something up in his mouth to give you – be it a slipper, his toy, or anything he finds around – just to say welcome home

Style with Conscience

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I’d like to leave a legacy; to make a difference in this world. Though it’s fallen; I believe seeds can still be sown and lives can still be touched. It begins with the little that you have in your hand and the commitment to multiply it for greater things.

JC and I agreed that StyleCulture should reflect our beliefs that…people matter; that by committing what we have in our hands to work, we can be a part of making a difference in the lives of others.

I’ve chosen Mercy Ministries, a non-profit organisation that StyleCulture will commit to raise funds for through our events in 2009. You can check out Mercy Ministries here.

Read our updated About page. We hope to pass on that inspiration.