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I had efrijalados (e-free-ha-la-dos) for lunch last Sunday at Ponsonby Foodcourt. I’ve always given the Mexican & Maya stall a miss and go for the usual Malaysian stall. I said to myself I should go for something different and not just stick to the usual. Had a little tongue twisting session while reading the mexican menu outloud before the cook finally came out and asked if I needed some recommendation. That’s how I ended up with efrijalados. 🙂 I enjoyed it and think it’s really healthy too. Didn’t leave me feeling heavy and sluggish.


Voila! You like how it’s presented? It kinda look too busy for food but what the heck, I took it all in. It’s 2 tortilla with mince and topped with bean gravy with salad. Mmm… and helped myself to the salsa to spice it up a little otherwise it can taste quite bland.


HP8 on Newmarket

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If you’re looking for something cheap and to spice up your tastebud, check out this Dan Dan Mian (Dan Dan noodles), a favourite chinese staple food. I think it originated from Sichuan. Anyway, was recommended by a friend that it’s a must try. I was shocked to see that it’s only $4 per bowl! Wow wow! It’s plain looking with a bit of mince pork on it, but I tell you it’s super tasty. It’s got a strong garlic-y taste and almost overpowering; like a wasabi (mustard) effect up your nose. I would definitely have this when I feel a cold coming. 🙂 As they say, garlic is the best natural food to keep you away from cold. We also ordered some dumpling but unfortunately it took ages for it to arrived so after half an hour of waiting we left… with garlic breath. 🙂



*Waiting for the dumplings to arrive…*

Birthday @ LG

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Aww… how sweet. My LG (lifegroup) celebrated my birthday with a surprise cake. One week later and still celebrating. @@~~ really touched.  Thanks to you lovely people. Life is indeed more fun and joyful with great caring friends. Anyway, we had a good time discussing about our goals for 2009 for our activities. Sam introduced something he got from City Harvest Singapore. It’s called S-M-A-R-T-E-R goals; making Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic – Time framed – Expectation Management – Revelation goals. I may be able to put it up here and share my goals with you! In the meantime, here’s some pics of us that night.

dscn0891 dscn0898

And steamboat at Aaron’s place last Saturday. Oh how I missed hanging out and the weather was just perfect for a night in. It was windy and cold and after the hot steamy steamboat we watched ‘Yes Man’. 🙂 Hilarious. And we indulged in sticky date puddings and after that a surprise birthday cake!! Awww… 🙂 I was going to make my 30th a huge bash somewhere with everyone there but just did not have the time to get around to organise it. Too busy with wedding preps and the business. But I thought this is actually what I love and I think it’s far more meaningful. Family, friends, food and lots of laughters.


Oh, had a pre birthday celebration with Annabel and Ding as well. Ding, a friend from uni was in Auckland for a week for work and it was so good to catch up after the many years leaving uni. He’s getting married in December this year. Woohoo!


This is my favourite photo with Jeff. 🙂 Thanks hon for organising some of the ‘surprises’. he he.


Iguacu on Parnell

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I was really looking forward to dinner at Iguacu. Known and read about the numerous awards won for their dishes and hospitality. When Mom and Jim said they will take me out for dinner as my birthday treat, I jumped at the opportunity to dine at Iguacu.

dscn0877This was last Friday, 27 Feb when I turned…the new 20! Ahem ahem. Anyway, back to Iguacu, we had the porkbelly and the award-winning lamb rump. Funny thing, Jim and mom had the same thing as Jeff and I. To share, we had the kokoda fish (raw fish in coconut and lime juice) and crumbed Japanese scallops for entree and juicy portobello mushrooms with feta cheese and steamed veges for sides.

dscn0878 dscn0879

I rated the lamb 7/10. It pretty much did not exceed my expectations but I thought the mashed kumara went really well with it. Perhaps also, I love kumara. Jeff said his porkbelly rated around 6.5/10. It actually tasted quite bland. I reckon the porkbelly we had at Northern Steamship tasted better. Presentation and customer service is definitely tops at Iguacu. According to Jim it is one of the quietest for a Friday night for a place like Iguacu. It used to be packed and you won’t get a table unless you booked. Oh well, it’s quiet everywhere because of the R word. Overall we had a good evening enjoying each other’s company despite the gale and rain outside. 🙂

Read Iguacu’s review on Dineout here.

Welcome to dorinranee.com!

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What happened to Styleculture? Well, Styleculture has its own website and blog now. We have recently launched a new logo for Styleculture and the website is currently under construction; hope to be ready by end of March. I’ve also got my vehicle signs on. 🙂 Yea, www.styleculture.co.nz is riding around town on my car bumper! My biggest and sincere thanks to Matt and Annabel. So that means you won’t be seeing any more updates on photoshoot work here but head on to http://stylecultureblog.wordpress.com. 

Some new stuffs on Styleculture! Jeff Chan Photography will be featuring a photography section for all photog enthusiast. Styleculture is also offering …*drumrolls* Styleculture B-R-I-D-A-L!!! Yes! Yesss! I have found some very stunning gown designs and will be making the sample dresses order soon. These wedding gowns will be for hire for our pre-wedding photography and we can also do custom made orders for the bride. The collection will also include some evening dresses by international and also NZ designers.

So what’s dorinranee.com for? Still… it will be a place of tinkering and a platform for inspiration by DorinRanee and friends! We will still have the fashion inspiring articles by Eunice Tan in the Stylephile section… and hopefully soon we will have a cosy section of flowers and styling… by a stylist that can’t-be-named for now. I will also continue with my ramblings and ‘golden’ thoughts here. Finally, I get to be more personal again.

So hope you’re as excited about the changes. It’s all good to move ahead. 🙂


DorinRanee xx

My Valentine!

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We had one of the most enjoyable impromptu dinner on V-day. Grabbed some salmon steak, mussels and oyster and yes, my beloved Moscato wine while we were doing grocery shopping. And voila! Our favourite seafood with my (now his too) favourite sweet wine.


I got the EA Grant!!

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Praise the good Lord! I finally got an email from the officer at WINZ (Work and Income New Zealand) and he said the grant of $11,000 has been approved for my business. WHEEEEPEEE!! I was telling myself to feel every ounce of joy when I was reading the email. And I literally fell to my knees to give thanks to God because He deserve the worship and praise. Yea! The interview last Wednesday with the vetting agent went very well and only lasted half the time as expected.
I can’t wait to shop for the business. Styling manuals, ghd styler, makeup chair, vanity lights, canvas blocks, more props, more makeup woohoo!!
Thanks to all the wonderful family and friends around me for their moral support and prayers. Thanks to mom for cooking all those yum meals and excusing me from house chores. He he. Thanks to JC for even cooking me dinner when I’m tied up with writing the business plan. Thanks to Kimberly for that muscle conditioning in that last week of submission. Thanks to all of you whose ongoing concern really helped me through. Sharing this joy with you means so much to me than celebrating alone. 🙂 Love you all long timeeee kekeke!
***Wedding preps!
The date is all set for 9th May 2009. The church is booked, the dresses bought, flowers ordered, vendors chosen, honeymoon confirmed, guest list written… just moving on to invitations now and other details. Hope to get as much sorted in January. It’s great planning for your own wedding. Jeff and I are enjoying every bit of it. 🙂