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Welcome to!

Posted in Styleculture by dR on February 27, 2009 by dorinranee

What happened to Styleculture? Well, Styleculture has its own website and blog now.¬†We have recently launched a new logo for Styleculture and the website is currently under construction; hope to be ready by end of March. I’ve also got my vehicle signs on. ūüôā Yea, is riding around town on my car bumper!¬†My biggest and sincere thanks to Matt and Annabel. So that means¬†you won’t be seeing any more updates on photoshoot work here but head on to¬†

Some new stuffs on Styleculture!¬†Jeff Chan Photography will be featuring¬†a photography¬†section¬†for all photog enthusiast. Styleculture is also offering …*drumrolls* Styleculture B-R-I-D-A-L!!! Yes! Yesss! I have found some very stunning gown designs and will be making the sample dresses order soon. These wedding gowns will be for hire for our pre-wedding photography¬†and we can also do¬†custom made orders for the bride. The collection will also include some evening dresses by international and also NZ designers.

So what’s for? Still… it will be a place of tinkering and a platform¬†for inspiration by DorinRanee and friends! We will still have the fashion inspiring articles¬†by Eunice Tan in the Stylephile section… and hopefully soon we will have a cosy section of flowers and styling… by a stylist that can’t-be-named for now. I will also continue with my ramblings and ‘golden’ thoughts here. Finally, I get to be more personal again.

So hope you’re as excited about the changes. It’s all good to move ahead. ūüôā


DorinRanee xx


And the Winner is…

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Tania!! Woooo-hoooo!

tania-naiduCongratulations girl!

At 12am on 8 Dec, the winner with the highest votes for the online photo contest¬†is Tania¬†with 362 votes. I got a text from her saying that she got her friends and family all over the world¬†to vote for her¬†at the very last moment. Wow, I’d make lotsa $$ if it was to be voting via text.¬†*grins*

For Kristy, Reina, Pam and Annabel: You girls were awesome as well. It was really exciting for the past 2 weeks just¬†watching the votes creeping up. Guess what?¬†It’s the season of generosity (just had that sermon on Sunday ;)) and I’m thinking of ways to be generous. I¬†can’t say it now cos I gotta discuss this with JC first (but he’s bound to agree anyways.. hehe) but anyways, don’t fret cos¬†a little pressie is coming your way soon…. before Christmas¬†I promise! ūüôā¬†

Thank you all of you for making this a real fun contest. I’ve got some feedbacks¬†and exciting ideas for the next contest in 2009 already. Can’t wait! In the meantime, do check out Fashion Geek and give us some feedbacks on what you’d like to see happening on StyleCulture as well.

Oh, for those of you still cracking your pretty heads on Christmas pressie, check out the Gilded Lily page (I put it under Links). They’ve got some cool classy christmassy gifts and ideas. I met Susan Elijas from a business course this year – and thinks that she’s an amazing woman who turned her passion into a thriving business. *inspired gaze*

Wishing you happy shopping and may all the great bargains in your size come your way! Stay stylish, stay vogue, stay real! Don’t forget Christ in Christ-mas and may peace and love finds its way in your heart this season.

Stay tune on StyleCulture for Tania’s photoshoot and exclusive interview.

Love ya all ūüôā


Contest Finalists

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A big THANKS to all contestants for putting in your entries! I was really excited receiving each one of it. ūüôā It was hard choosing the best 5 to put on the website cos all of your photos are gorgeous and meaningful in its own way.

Here are the 5 contest finalists photos and captions. All you have to do is vote on your favourite photo (at the end of this post) and the winner wins the Glamour Photoshoot worth $250!! She will be pampered to a full makeup and gets to model in 3 outfits of her own in a chosen location on the photoshoot day. She also gets a complimentary photo on CD. (So she can share it on Facebook, print it out as her room wallpaper, whatever she wants!). She will also get an exclusive interview post on the blog post photoshoot!

Last day to¬†put in your vote is¬†7 Dec 08 at midnight (NZ time). Now StyleCulture don’t make that call, you decide who the winner is, so click in your vote today! ¬†

1. Tania N


Caption:  I like this picture because it shows my indian bangles and its a pose that not many people use for a picture.  


2. Kristy G


Caption: It oozes confidence and a look that almost challenges the viewer, also, sporting the urban hip-hop look (which I never usually wear!) which just proves that you can be whoever you want to be in a photograph and that’s why we love it!


3. Reina C

I choose this one because the look and the smile is mysterious and give attention to your curiosity.

Caption: I choose this one because the look and the smile is mysterious and give attention to your curiosity.


 4. Pamela C

I like the way I smile in this photo, it shows a genuine smile and my happy mood. It seems like I was comfortable and not afraid/shy to express myself in of camera.

Caption: I like the way I smile in this photo, it shows a genuine smile and my happy mood; it seems like I was comfortable and not afraid/shy to express myself in front of the camera.


5. Annabel K

I love this photo because this was a sweet self portrait self timer-shot photo taken with my self knitted Mr Ben bear. I love the simple colour combination of my bedroom wall, duvet and clothes as well.

Caption: I love this photo because this was a sweet self portrait self timer-shot photo taken with my self knitted Mr Bean bear. I love the simple colour combination of my bedroom wall, duvet and clothes as well.


*Ha ha ha!* I get a kick saying – ‘New Zealand, who is your winner?’ I imagine doing a Tara Bank with this one. Ok ok, thanks for voting and keep watch on the poll!! The last day for putting in your votes in on the 7 Dec 2008…and the winner will be announced on the blog on 8 Dec 2008.
¬†Thanks again to those who did send in their entries but did not make it to the final round. For your sportiness,¬†we still have¬†a little gift¬†for ya! So keep watch in your mailbox. ūüôā
If you’re on Facebook,¬†join StyleCulture on Facebook here.

Style with Conscience

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I’d like to leave a legacy; to make a difference in this world. Though it’s fallen; I believe seeds can still be sown and lives can still be touched. It begins with the little that you have in your hand and the commitment to multiply it for greater things.

JC and I agreed that StyleCulture should reflect our beliefs that…people matter; that¬†by¬†committing what we have in our hands to work, we can be a part of making a difference in the lives of others.

I’ve chosen Mercy Ministries, a non-profit organisation¬†that StyleCulture will commit to raise funds for through our events in 2009. You can check out¬†Mercy Ministries here.

Read our updated About page. We hope to pass on that inspiration.


Makeup Brushes

Posted in Styleculture by dR with tags , , , , , on September 29, 2008 by dorinranee

I love makeup brushes! It will do wonders¬†for your makeup I promise; it blends the¬†makeup so well¬†it will look like a pro makeup artiste’s work. The basic ones to have are the powder brush, blush brush, foundation brush, slanted brush, eyeshadow brush, eye blender brush and a lip brush.

I did a little shop around for price comparison on makeup brushes last week to recommend in¬†my makeup workshops. Here’s what I found…

The Body Shop

  1. Powder – $38
  2. Blush – $30
  3. Foundation – $25
  4. Slanted – $21.50
  5. Eyeshadow – $20
  6. Eye blender – $20

Price is reasonable but their brushes are synthetic (not made from real animal hair). Getting the whole lot would cost you $154.50.

Bobbi Brown

  1. Powder – $130
  2. Blush – $90
  3. Foundation (L) Р$65
  4. Foundation (S) – $45
  5. Slanted – $45
  6. Eye blender – $56
  7. Eye contour – $56
  8. Eye smudge – $56
  9. Bronzing – $65
  10. Lip – $56

Their brushes are made of real animal hair – nice soft bristles.


  1. Powder (#150) Р$94
  2. Blush (#168) – $82
  3. Foundation (#190) – $90
  4. Concealer (#252) – $78
  5. Eyeshadow blending (#217) – $48
  6. Eyeshadow (#239) – $71
  7. Lip (#315) – $50

Check out M.A.C. for a full list of brushes. If I have a wishlist (I think I have one now!), it would be all products of M.A.C. ūüôā *wink wink* Ok, it’s dead obvious I’m all for M.A.C. brushes! All their brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the¬†finest quality materials. I was told¬†only 2 person would have¬†touched the brushes before they were bought! Wooow! Of course that doesn’t¬†include handling¬†at the counter. ¬†

The other brands like Lancome, Estee Lauder and¬†Christian Diors brushes are in the mid range; cheaper than Bobbi Brown and¬†M.A.C. but dearer than The Body Shop!¬†Anyway,¬†if you’re desperate for a brush set and don’t really care if it’s synthetic or not, then go for Revlon’s 5pcs brush set for¬†$60!

But wait!…for the benefit of my makeup workshop-ers, I’m getting¬†a 15pcs brush set in, priced at $88¬†exc GST.¬†Now that’s the real deal. Yea, will put up more info once I get my hands on it. I’m still waiting for the shipment from Australia. ūüôā So keep watching this space.

Hope you enjoy this piece. Feel free to leave your comments & feedbacks… especially¬†YOU who found the new joy of working with brushes!

Updated 10 Oct 2008: The makeup brushes have arrived! They’re gorgeous indeed! Check it out on the ‘Makeup Workshop’ page for more details on it and how to get your hands on them. ūüôā


Geisha or Big Lady Boss?

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Here’s what Chloe did for me. She chose a Geisha look. I must say she did well with her research and came prepared with all the accessories needed to complete the look. We didn’t have a white chalk powder of course used for geisha’s makeup. Pity, would have been dramatic!

Tina, Chloe, Geisha & Ruthie (Instructor).

Tina, Chloe, Geisha & Ruthie (Instructor).

¬†And here… *drum rolls* is the end result!

You like?

You like?

How about this?

*Holding in the giggles*

*Holding in the giggles*

Then I remembered that geisha don’t smile…¬†and I overdid it!

Big Lady Boss?

Big Lady Boss?

It takes a lot of guts to put this photo up but I really like the artistic nature of it. The way it is angled and the expression. I have to pretend that it’s not me!! ūüėÄ We realised it’s not very geisha after all because of the eyeliner flick. Geisha don’t have flicks in their eye makeup. Hmm, so it’s the Big Lady Boss with the pipe in her hand? Ha ha! But it was lots of fun!

Chloe – 1920’s Makeup

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This week at class was exciting. I chose a 1920’s look for Chloe.

Hmm, let's see about that...

Hmm, let's see...

Chloe’s absolutely stunning. She’s blessed with a strong jawline; reminded me of¬†Hillary Swank!¬†

Cakey makeup + Red lips + Dark lower eye lid

Cakey makeup + Red lips + Dark lower eye lid

 Very pretty. The one below has got an attitude to it. 

Costumes off, hair down...

Costumes off, hair down...

Photos by Jeff Chan.