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This is Our God

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As a daily reminder, I thank God for being God. When there’s nothing else that I can say amidst all the happenings in this world, questions that I can’t answer and things that I do not know.

But a few things I know and I believe that God is sovereign and He has a greater purpose in all things, He sees the bigger picture, He knows me (and you) by name, He loves me (and you) and nothing in this world can seperate His love from us.

Nothing can beat that assurance of God’s love and peace. It’s almost tangible at some points in my life. Nothing can beat that miracles of healing that He has done through me and what I have seen with my own eyes. Nothing can beat that joy of having your prayers answered at the time when you most need it.

Nothing can beat that security of my hope in Jesus when all else around me is looking dull and grey.

I don’t know why I’m writing this during my lunch break of writing an important business plan. It could be for a specific reader…or perhaps it could be something that’s in my heart in reflection to what’s happening in this world.

Yes, but I thank God that He is alive and it’s not my imagination.


The Westies’ Birthday

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Barfy & Wira; the precious Westies turned 2 a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a silent movie of the celebration. They even got presents from Unc Peyman! Pig ears to chew on and eucalyptus and tea tree shampoo. *roof roof hoorayyy*

p1030802That’s Wira posing with the shared pressies. He’s the rounder, fluffier looking one and very playful.


Barfy with the cake… *grin* We sometimes call Barfy ‘old man’ – more grumpy, moody and just growls when he’s not in the mood. Otherwise he gives you the most heartwarming welcome with his signature style – by picking something up in his mouth to give you – be it a slipper, his toy, or anything he finds around – just to say welcome home

Mid-life Crisis

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Anthea Chew is thinking of having a big, dramatic, climatic change in her career with BIG £££££££.. any suggestions?

Dorin Ranee at 11:31am November 7

Hon.. that’s called midlife crisis at 30 (or before!). Going through it now too. LOL!

Anthea Chew at 12:05pm November 7

That’s it!!!!! Those are the words!!! It’s Mid-Life Crisis before 30!!! Thanks Dorin!!! I’ve got an excuse now to do something different!! haha!

Anthea Chew is having a mid-life crisis 7 months before 30!!! I need a big change!! Thanks for figuring it out for me, Dorin!!!

J Chan Superstar

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JC looks mischievious – as always. We’re trying out his new Nikon 17-55mm F/2.8 lens that we just picked up earlier in the morning. This is taken on Lorne Street, just outside Nillo Hair Saloon. Yeap, JC just got his hair cut and looking very much like a Taiwanese Superstar. LOL!



Sistas Conference 08

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11-14 September 2008

StyleCulture is proud to be part of this awesome conference. We will be giving away 2 x Image Consultation package plus portrait photoshoot worth $950 each away to two sistas! The package consist of
– Color & Style Analysis (1 hour)
– Wardrobe Analysis (2 hours)
– Personal Shopping Guide (1 hour)
– Personal Makeup Lesson (1 hour)
– Portrait Photoshoot (3 hours) – with a complimentary standard print to take home!




Jeff’s 35th

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Here’s the birthday video production for Jeff – the photog. 🙂 Put together while he’s away in Malaysia.

Life’s good when you have friends to do life with.

At Vivace on the day Jeff arrived back in Auckland…



A ‘manly’ birthday kiss from Keith to complete the night…



At the end of it, big smiles and empty plates…

'Happy Birthday Jeff!' *Burp*

Happy Birthday Jeff! *burp*

Pamper Night 08

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21 July 2008 – Pamper Night 2008 in its seventh year running.

Two thousand women who have been dealt a tough hand in life – those who suffer abuse of violence, street workers, Women’s Refuge residents came together for a night of pampering at Life South Centre. It was a night of fun and celebration – with free gifts and prizes, chocolates and nibbles, karaoke contests and dancing. It was the ultimate makeover party – where they get their makeup, hair-do, nail treatments, shoulder and foot massages, and facial done!

Thumbs up and shoulder pats (and of course, bountiful rewards in heaven) to Debbie Baker, manager of Streetreach who headed this huge huge community project. It’s definitely a tangible way of saying “You are beautiful!” “You are special!” “You are worthwhile and you matter!” to those women of whom Debbie said some have never heard such praises from anyone before.


Miss Susilowati and I was privileged to have been involved in this project; Susilowati did nails and I did the makeup. We were doing it non-stop from 7pm till 10pm and time just flew us by. I felt truly grateful for the experience and it’s my one way of using my skills to bless others and glorifying God. 🙂

There were probably around 35 makeup stations to accommodate the mass. In total I probably did around 10 women’s makeup in that 3 hours and girllll, that was fantastic practice for me! I get to do makeup on different features and work the colors on different skin tones. So really, it was exciting for me. The women were just lovely and I was greatly encouraged by their compliments on how they love my makeup on them. It was also fun when they were trying to guess my nationality while I work the brushes on them. And ohh, they said I’m real preeetty too… Awwww! Look who’s pampering who now. 😛

*Ponder mode*



I felt really good that night. In giving and in receiving. I felt good that I was able to do something for those women. I felt good that it put smiles on their faces when I hold up the mirror to show them how they look like. I felt good that they can see themselves beautiful. Soon, they will know too that they are beautiful because they belong to the Most High.

How nice. This is my idea of an ideal work. When my passion is combined with compassion.

Work = Passion + Compassion

*No pics as we were busy bees that night… and my usual photog is not around. 😛 Will see if I can grab it from somewhere.

“May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us– yes, establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17