Dorin Ranee

 Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

I’m a Malaysian residing in New Zealand. I’m not a girl, not yet a woman (ha ha) but embracing 30 gracefully this year. I would like to believe it is the new 20; only with more life, colour and rigour.

This blog is birthed out of many reasons but mainly as a platform for me to record my musings, my food adventures and my entrepreneurial journey. It’s an outlet for me – always leaving me with the feeling of satisfaction, complete and somewhat a great closure for the many interesting events of my life when blogging on it…though I don’t claim to excel in creative writing. I’d like this to be something people can remember me by… you know, like living memories especially for the generation to come.

Some keywords to describe me: loves meeting people, risk taker, loves food of all kinds, enjoys girly nights, loves Jeff – a lot, loves salsa, loves Jesus, owns Styleculture, believes in a purpose-driven life, encourager, makeup artist, enjoys photography, enjoys dates with Jeff, enjoys friends, goes to LIFE church, loves and enjoys her family and 2 dogs.

I own a styling, makeup and photography business with Jeff that specializes in glamour portraits and wedding photography – StyleCulture. Birthed out of passion, we believe this will grow with baby steps into something that is bigger than our imagination or dreams. StyleCulture enables me to grow my talents in every possible way and at the same time making some difference in another person’s life. And that is the commitment we make to ourselves for every client – that we will somehow make a difference in their life.

 What makes me tick? Body odour, reckless drivers, wrong food orders (argghhhh!!), long winded conversations (it’s not even a conversation, it’s me staring and wondering how they can possibly live with their own torture), indecisiveness, chewing gums!

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