I got the EA Grant!!

Praise the good Lord! I finally got an email from the officer at WINZ (Work and Income New Zealand) and he said the grant of $11,000 has been approved for my business. WHEEEEPEEE!! I was telling myself to feel every ounce of joy when I was reading the email. And I literally fell to my knees to give thanks to God because He deserve the worship and praise. Yea! The interview last Wednesday with the vetting agent went very well and only lasted half the time as expected.
I can’t wait to shop for the business. Styling manuals, ghd styler, makeup chair, vanity lights, canvas blocks, more props, more makeup woohoo!!
Thanks to all the wonderful family and friends around me for their moral support and prayers. Thanks to mom for cooking all those yum meals and excusing me from house chores. He he. Thanks to JC for even cooking me dinner when I’m tied up with writing the business plan. Thanks to Kimberly for that muscle conditioning in that last week of submission. Thanks to all of you whose ongoing concern really helped me through. Sharing this joy with you means so much to me than celebrating alone. 🙂 Love you all long timeeee kekeke!
***Wedding preps!
The date is all set for 9th May 2009. The church is booked, the dresses bought, flowers ordered, vendors chosen, honeymoon confirmed, guest list written… just moving on to invitations now and other details. Hope to get as much sorted in January. It’s great planning for your own wedding. Jeff and I are enjoying every bit of it. 🙂


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